SEO Services for Small Businesses

SEO Advice for Small Businesses

There are many ways that small businesses can do without much involvement of SEO in their daily routine. It’s important to note that even in retail businesses, SEO plays a very great role in earning more clients. Its advantages can never be underestimated at all costs and should not be ignored. Here are some tips on SEO for small businesses and how these search engine optimized pages can help you turn rise in Google Serps.


  1. Create an online account/link

The first and most important step in SEO is to create an online account, page or a site where you as a small-scale business owner may upload files concerning your business. Such an online platform plays key role in establishing market at a larger scale instead of just having local customer base consisting of people who surround your area of operation.

Online accounts help you upload graphical images, posters and any other materials capable of attracting more clients including your customers’ testimonials. It also helps you to outline the type of business that you run and the products that you deal with as well as the advantages of each.

  1. Do a thorough keyword research

Keywords forms the basis of a successful business that is capable of competing with their opponents no matter how large or small they might be. While doing keyword research, it is important that you use most commonly used keywords but also try balancing the game such you are unique by yourself. Also be keen not to use keywords that are inappropriate to your online works.

Even retailers need to perfect their business to their best so that they can finally maximize their profits.

  1. Be mobile friendly

In todays’ generation, people have turned to using mobile phones over the internet more that computers as opposed to sometimes back. The invention of OS mobile phones have eased the life of many due to their capabilities of keeping us connected every time. Most important of all is that these devices are portable and you can use them anywhere you go, even to transact a business on an online platform.

So, as a retailer, it is very essential that when you create this accounts that you make them very mobile friendly. Implying that you should design make sure they are very well designed to fit the size and properties of a mobile phone.

  1. Understand your audience

Every business has its own population that they target to sell their products to. As for this matter, whether on an online platform or the local customer base, they all form one and common group with similar interests.

As for the online users, it becomes a bit tricky to identify the single individuals by age or even character. Therefore, it is necessary to understand who are your online targets since your online works reaches every category of people. Understanding who your audiences are helps you to narrow down to knowing who is with and not with you.

Understanding your online audience also means getting to know their likes, dislikes, tastes and preferences. This aids you in giving them what they want and not what you want to give them.

Point to note; be keen not to offend your customers by any means that hurts or pushes them away from you.

  1. Allow no room for mistakes

Business, like eggs are very ‘fragile; needs a lot of care and a lot to worry about. Even the slightest of the mistakes that you presume least should worry you very much.

Businesses that prosper are true to their audience and always take care of their customer by any means possible. To win your clients, you must assure them that they can trust you, this is only possible if you genuinely operate on every aspect of your interaction with ‘your people’.

It is important to make sure that you don’t show your audience your weakness, failures or lack of competence, which may lead to losing some of your audience. Please note that, audience forms the best of your potential clients.

  1. Be aware of online fraud

Online platforms are highly risk in terms of fraud and cybercrime. In fact you may have come across an agency promising you heaven if you do something for them in return; do not let your instincts betray you. If you don’t know an agency very well or have never been associated with them there before, it is wise if you just ignore them. Actually if you are a new online e-user, it is recommended that you first run by your own, instead of rushing to using pay-per-click as a way to market yourself.

  1. Create a blog

Blogs play a crucial role in search engine optimization of your business. As a matter of fact, they offer you a great opportunity to network and connect thereby increasing your chances of being ranked high in the Google’s ranking system.

For a blog to work best for you, you need to make sure that its content suits its purpose. Try to create visual images on the blog and make it perfectly match the content. By so doing, you stand a better opportunity to improve the SEO of your business.

  1. Be up to date

The best thing in a business is to keep every part of your business updated. Up-to-date information about SEO helps you in knowing the current trends on the online platform. This includes Google rules and regulations updates among others.


To perfectly SEO your business, take keen note on learning how the system works. Learn more about the advantages and the challenges that you may encounter in the process of using SEO.

About the writer:

Francisco Leon de Vivero, Toronto SEO Expert became passionate about Search Engine Optimization in 2007, after obtaining a Master’s Degree in International Trade. An Entrepreneur, team player and problem solver with over 8 years of experience.