Local SEO Strategies for Small Businesses


Local SEO aims at attracting local clients for small businesses. This increases sales of local products and services. It brings more traffic to your small business website. Here are some strategies that will work wonders to your small business.


  1. Create local places pages

Make sure that you have a local business page in the 3 main search engines- Bing, Yahoo and Google. In these pages, you should fill essential details such as location, contact information, hours and many more. You should be in a position to manage the different listings and dashboards in each search engine.

  1. Categorize your business page

You should categorize your business in appropriate category. This will help the local search engines to understand what your business entails.  Some local engines fail to display your business if it is not categorized or if it is wrongly categorized. Proper categorizing allows for optimization.

  1. Business citations

Make sure that you fill information on your business accurately. You should have a consistent name, and contact information across all sources at all times. Also check for duplicate listing. This is by use of tools such as Google MapMaker to search for your business and phone number. Check for web listings of your business and verify for ownership of your business through the email or phone. Your NAP (name, address and phone) accuracy and consistence affects you ranking. Citation plays the role of informing search engines and users about your business.

  1. Pay attention to having online reviews

The reviews from the search engine users lead to ranking of your business. Quality and quantity of the customers’ reviews affect your ranking directly and the perception of your business to your potential customers. You can improve your reviews by;

  • Encouraging your customers to leave ratings and reviews if they are satisfied with your services and products.
  • You may offer incentives to encourage customers to leave a good review such as discounts.
  • Be active in responding positively to their reviews, be it negative or positive review.
  • Acknowledge negative reviews and give an assurance of making up to their dissatisfaction.
  • Avoid fake reviews. These can lead to loose of visibility and penalization by search engines.
  1. Have quality photos

People mostly look for photos when searching for local businesses.  You can upload at least 10 quality photos of your products and also the business building both the inside and outside view. It is advisable to have a photo of your business building as your logo.  Quality photos attract more attention. You should include a profile, logo and cover photo. Cover photo should describe your business.

  1. Optimize your website

People will search for your actual website as well as your listings and pages. You should have a phone number on your website and the city or region you are in. Write content that is specific to your local area.

Also optimize your page by listing the services offered, hours of operation and uploading good quality photos of your business. There various tool that will help you track your website and its various sources such as Google Analytics. Some will allow you to find the keywords your targeting audience is searching for such as Google Adwords. Others will allow you to create target ads such as Facebook Ads.

Factors to consider when optimizing your business website

  • You should have a domain name that reflects your business.
  • Use keywords on page titles that identify your business services.
  • Include NAP in all individual pages of your website.
  • Boost your search visibility of your local business by including more about your area.

Work on getting valuable links

Establishing a link with other websites that are related to yours, allows for visibility of your website. They confirm the authenticity and credibility of your business. You should be consistent in sharing links to your website via social media. They encourage others to share the information too. You can also blog about your neighborhood facilities, which will give an opportunity to link with others; links have high search rankings. Reach out to various organizations and establish a connection. This increases your chance of them visiting your web site and linking you back.

Search engines cracks down fake links. Small businesses struggle to build quality links. Below are tips to reduce the struggle.

  • You should partner with niche-specifics influencers

They have connections with the readers.  You partner with them by being a regular contributor to their blog and link out your own landing pages. Readers tend to trust them for their content value.

  • Influence local partnership

This will allow you to get backlinks from their websites. You can leverage local partnership by contributing to local blogs.

  • Create a resource page

This can entail information for small businesses in the area. This will allow other business to link to your resource page depending on the relevance of the information you give. The page can also be cited in the website participation and local forums. This can give you opportunities to interviews and guest appearances. Giving you opportunities, to build links from participated content.

  • Engage regularly via social media

Social media plays a role in enhancing visibility of your business page. The more active you are, the higher the chances of you attracting many followers. Engaging with customers frequently, gives your pages a higher chance to appear on the search. Update new product and carry out promotions and giveaways.

Relate with local media and bloggers, encouraging them to take advantage of your products and services. This helps in creating your personal reputation and this in turn improves your product and services reputation.

Ways in which you can improve your local search results in search engines

  • Claim your business listings in the local search engines
  • Categorize your business page correctly. It is essential so that the right audience can find you.
  • You should be consistent in listing your business in a similar way across the web. This will allow the search engines to rank you highly.
  • Get more quality listings in high quality online business directories.
  • Work on getting more quality local reviews to provide social proof for your business.
  • Work on getting good amount of valuable coming links. This is through blogging, social sharing and content development.


Try the above strategies in promoting your small business; you will have wonderful results. It may take time for you to be ranked highly, thus, you should be patient and consistent in order to achieve remarkably.



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