Strategies to Build Links to Your Small Business Website


Creating a stunning website for your small business requires quality links. Link building is the cornerstone of search engine optimization, however it remains a challenge to most of the small businesses regardless of whether it is a new business or an ongoing one. This is mainly due to little or no familiarity about SEO. To ensure a quality link building for your business website there is need to launch your brand, acquire new customers, and convince them to be repeat customers. Given below are strategies suitable for implementing in small businesses. SEO-mobile-search

  1. Partnering with niche-specific influencers

To establish a significant relationships with your clients, it is good to find out other business people within your niche whom you share with specific objectives.

To familiarise yourself on a business atmosphere, connect with already established niche-specific influencers, ensure regular contribution to their blogs, and have their link on your business landing page. This will earn you their already built in trust from their consumers, consequently you will gain more visitors. You can sponsor these local partnerships within your locality if they have upcoming events. By doing this your brand will be recognised and also you will receive a backlink.

  1. Build links through your images

This meaningful strategy is done through looking for websites that have used your images and they have published them on your small business website through executing reverse image search. Search for sites with employee headshots, logos, product photos, branded graphics, and other variable images around the web and make them appear on your site.

  1. Search for business mentions

The most convenient and economical way to build quality links is discovery of business mentions which exclude links on forums and community resource pages. On top of using brand name to expose your backlink opportunities, significant keywords can also be included in the list on the page to simplify your search. Brand mentions are better when used with google alerts to make discovery of new mentions. Access the site owners via emails and request them to include a link of credit to your site.

  1. Use the Skyscraper technique

Building a link have been made an easier process to everyone through invention of skyscraper technique by Brian Dean. This technique works by searching for the most demanding content in your locality, better the version than you found it, connect with niche great influencers and sites to aid in promoting your product. To get quality versions, it will cost you quite a lengthy period of time but once the outreach blogger succeeds the results are exemplary good. This will find you quality site backlinks and more customers. For best results, consult a reputable search engine optimization. This technique will drive heavy traffic to your site.

  1. Create a resource page

Depending on where you are located, creation of a local resource page with significant information about small businesses in your area will earn you more credit. For example, if you are a retailer of a certain product you can come up with the list of the best known manufactures and wholesalers in your city. Presence of useful information on your site will make other businesses and competitors to link with your resource page. Partnering with experts helps in creation of resource pages which are rich in information that will help capture business attention. This will make your site strong. All the businesses that will mention your resource page will automatically link up with you.

  1. Leverage local partnerships

Local organization partnerships gives an opportunity to get backlinks on their sites which is helpful when dealing with people from a specific geographical area. In case you have already existing partnerships, get in touch with their website for placement of your link. For the best results, target locally owned businesses and franchises. Sponsoring local events concerning small businesses can link you to event sponsorship page; this will get you a backlink and brand recognition. Contribution to local blogs helps build link to reach the target audience. More links can also be obtained through sponsoring conferences, charity shows, and award ceremonies.

  1. Create a number of premium content

Creating premium content is a gateway to getting backlinks from the leading industry blogs and major publications. Premium content are better linked to by influencers than through blog post. There are various premium content, some requires more time than others. Those that are created in a short period of timer include co-created visitor posts and infographics. Others that require more time and thought to finish include podcasts, e-books, blog posts, case studies, and white papers. Find the premium content that is suitable and convenient on your time, budget, and your small business, then put it into practice. For the purposes of search engine optimization, always remember to include appropriate tags. Partnering with indirect competitors businesses will cut costs while all partners will have the chance of attracting authority links.


You can build a quality business link by first identifying your competitors, identify their weaknesses and work on them. By doing this, you will have the best product in the market leading to increased demand.


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